• “Spencer Trask: Enigmatic Titan”

    Many people are unaware of Spencer Trask’s contributions to our lives today. Why has Spencer Trask’s life been such a well kept secret? What personal qualities allowed him to touch so many people in so many ways without achieving fame? The answers underlie the epic narrative of one of America’s

  • The Billion Dollar Startup Club

    One of the goals of the survey was to test these investors knowledge of, interest in and experience with the current marketplace fascination with Unicorns— startups that have grown to valuations in excess of $1Billion.

  • EnigmaticTitan.com

    EnigmaticTitan.com is a memorial to one of the most important venture capitalists of all time, Mr. Spencer Trask. Learn his dramatic life story, view rare pictures, and read the blog, “What Would Trask Do?” to see the world through the eyes of Mr. Trask.

  • Remembering Jonas Salk

    “There is no such thing as failure, just giving up too soon.” Those words, spoken by Jonas Salk, the polio vaccine hero of the 20th century, reflected Salk’s obsessive, passionate and unquenchable drive to eradicate the disease.

The Spencer Trask Institute is a non-profit affiliate of venture firm, Spencer Trask & Co.